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Abc Wednesday 2008-07-02

juli 1, 2008

X is the letter this week at Mrs Nesbitt´s place, Join ABC Wednesday here.

This is my X-posts

This is the nearest I can come letter X today:

1.On a schoolyard I found this ball wall ( I don´t know what it will be called in English language so ”ball wall” is my own translation) When I was a little girl we used this kind of ball walls everyday to throw and bounced the ball on. We used often two or three small balls. Sometimes there was different sizes of holes in the wall to hit, and we counted points to see who was the winner! At my childhood it was hopeless to ask mother to be indoor and play with friends, the rule was ”play outside, at the yard or in the forest”.

See another Swedish ball wall here
and one more here
2. One morning at 06.00 when I was on my way to the bus stop, I saw this odd wall! The sun light reflects somehow and create this X:s……funny isn´t it?

Greetings from

I probably will be late with my comments today, because I´m on a journey with my work mades….